Friday, October 10, 2008

There's always next year...

...right? So the Cubs choked (or whatever you may call it) again. What's done is done. Although Shane would have liked to see them win (partially for my sake), I think he is at least a tad bit relieved...all the Cubs gear -- the hats, the shirts, the windbreakers, the W flag -- are out of sight until next year. He get's the next six months or so without his wife obsessing about her beloved until next year...

It's college football time!! Nothing makes you feel more like a college kid and an adult at the exact same time. 12 hours of drinking and cheering on your team...sure we can still do it and love every second of it...but that next morning. Ouch. You realize you are just a tad bit older than the crazy fans cheering into the TV cameras. Oh well...go Illini and Aggies!!

Other than that nothing else really excting to report. I promise to post pictures of our place sooner-rather-than later! Miss everyone dearly!


Stephanie & Shane

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