Friday, November 21, 2008

Only My Husband

So today begins our ten days of traveling for Turkey Day, Jerod's wedding and my ten year high school reunion. Given our complicated itineraries, it is only fitting that the day start out like it did... we woke up a bit late and still have to pack, but no big deal. Shane was successfully out of the house by 8:45 and headed to the Metro, which would eventually take him to Baltimore Airport. Amidst his travels, he sent me a message asking me to check him in. Well, I tried, but Southwest's only response is an "ERROR MESSAGE". After several failed attempts, I decided to give up and informed Shane that he has to check himself in when he gets to the airport, and thus, will likely be stuck with a "C" boarding pass. Although there was that gut feeling that something was just not right, I dismissed the feeling and continued working.

However, about 45 minutes later, Shane arrived at the airport to check in and low and behold the kiosk cannot find his reservation. Nor can the man behind the counter. The flight is in 50 minutes and at this point Shane's only options are (a) to stay in the DC area or (b) to purchase the $366 flight to Houston. Seeing that staying in town and missing everything is not an option, Shane chose option (b) and proceeds through security.

Once inside the terminal, his nagging wife (me!) kept pestering him as to whether or not he made it standby on his original flight. Amidst my constant inquiries, we were both walking through all of the steps of booking the flight -- and finally came to the conclusion that he just must not have hit the final button and the transaction didn't go through.

However, this was not sufficient for me and so I hacked (okay, well he gave me the password) into his Southwest account for some investigative work. I saw that he earned an award on 12/20/07 and I saw that the associated credits have been "used" but I could see the corresponding flight. This irritated me and I decided that I am going to call Southwest and get to the bottom of this. This might seem like a normal undertaking, but for those who know me, there might be a little bit of a bitchy side to me...and I was seriously afraid of what I was going to say to the lady on the phone.

After explaining to her the situation -- about not being able to find the reservation to the disappearing credits -- she informed me that she can in fact see the flight that Shane was booked on. She then tells me that he was booked on the 10:05 flight out of DULLES connecting in Chicago and arriving in Houston at 2:30. Well, at this point, I think my jaw hit the desk.

DULLES! Shane was at Baltimore, not Dulles. He didn't go to the airport near our house. He trekked through downtown DC and into the next the WRONG AIRPORT! Only my husband could go to the wrong airport for a flight!

Luckily, she was able to release the award travel to us, and I was able to book him on a later flight out of Baltimore this evening. And luckily for us, the $366 ticket was fully refundable. Total cost of the day - $2.50 service charge for the award travel. Total cost of the memory of my husband going to the wrong airport - Priceless.

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