Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where Did 2008 Go?

Wow. Time really does fly. I cannot believe that 2008 was here, and is now already gone. So much happened in 2008, marrying my best friend, moving to DC, etc., I cannot even begin to imagine what 2009, and the future for that matter, holds. However, I do realize that there are certain things that we can do right now, starting today, to help make all of our future dreams a reality.

So many times, we begin the new year, with a laundry list of resolutions. "I will go to the gym." "I will drink less." "I will lose 5 lbs." Nothing is wrong with any of these resolutions, but for the fact that they are fleeting. Not in the sense that they aren't plausible, but in the sense that they are typical and only in our mind. Never once do I remember writing down a new year's resolution. Well, 2009 will be different. I've decided to take Toni's lead (thanks for the idea) and blog about my resolutions. That way, everyone knows what I've set out to do throughout the year, and hopefully, everyone can help keep me on track.

1. Curb the Sweet Tooth -- I like sweets. Maybe a bit too much. Cupcakes, candy, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, ice cream, cupcakes. If it has sugar in it, I want it. Well, my brain does. Not my stomach. Thus, I am officially resolving to limit my sweet intake to one sweet per week. This originally started out as the only sweets I could eat were cupcakes. I figured that cupcakes (and good ones at that) are not easy to find and thus this should be an attainable goal. However, Shane pointed out that this would be too easy for me. Because of my cupcake obsession, I (a) tend to seek out the closest cupcake and (b) I have a knack for locating cupcakes in the most obscure locations such as airports. I must have a 6th sense for the nearest bit of perfection. Thus, rather than limit myself, and potentially deprive myself and/or overindulge on cupcakes, I had to make a minor change. Thus, one sweet per week. And it must be portioned controlled.

2. Actually Work Out -- And by this I mean abs, butt, legs, arms, etc. Running for 45 minutes no longer constitutes a legitimate workout. I must do some kind of strength exercise following every run, and such activity must be for at least 15 minutes. Thus, every stint in the gym must include at least 30 minutes of cardio AND 15 minutes of some sort of strength training. I know, I know...its not a ton, but every little bit helps.

3. Type Less, Talk More -- In an age of email, instant message, and blackberries, we are always connected to our friends and family. Catching up is as close and easy as our finger tips. However, the past few days, I realized just how much I miss everyone that I don't get to see and interact with on a daily basis. For example, all of the wonderful women who were in my wedding...I don't know that I've heard most of your voices since that day. Sad really. Thus, I resolve to pick up the phone to catch up, like the good old days. Heck, like in junior high and high school...remember when our parents couldn't pry the phone away from us? Emails are okay, but not a replacement for the phone.

4. Spend Less -- This is a no brainer. I am a girl. I like to shop. Half the time I have no clue where my money goes. However, given the fact that Shane and I cannot wait until we can own our own house and thus need to save a considerable chunk of change for the down payment, not knowing where my money goes is not a good thing. However, it is foolish to think that I can just resolve to spend less and that it will magically happen. Thus, I resolve to record (and share with Shane) every single dollar and cent that I spend. The less I spend, the more we save. Simple equation. And with writing everything down, that Starbucks all of a sudden isn't quite as tempting?!?!

There, I think that's enough. Who knows. Maybe there will be more to come. I am sure that there will be more frivolous ones like "to slow down", "live each day to the fullest", "find more me time", etc. But let's be honest, in a world where years zip by like days, that might not be possible. Thus, I think the four above resolutions are enough for me this year...and hopefully, if I am able to hold fast to them, when 2010 sneaks up on us, maybe I'll end 2009 a little bit better off then it started (whatever that is suppose to mean!)

Alright, back to work...maybe if your lucky, Shane will share his resolutions with y'all as well.



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