Monday, April 20, 2009

College 101

Shane and I both learned an important lesson this weekend -- we are no longer college kids and can no longer drink like college kids! Ouch, a painful, but necessary lesson!

No details are needed other than it took Shane twice as long to chug a pitcher of beer then it took his brother, Kyle. And afterwards, Shane still did not look like it was sitting well in his stomach.

You might be wondering why in goodness's name he was chugging pitchers of beer -- all a little Aggie tradition! For those of you that don't know, every graduate of Texas A&M gets their class/school ring. However, before you are entitled to wear said ring, you must first dunk it in a pitcher of beer and drink the pitcher (or if you do not drink, according to Liz you can dunk in a pitcher size portion of ice cream...which seems even worse to me!). Thus, this past weekend was Kyle's ring dunking weekend, and Shane suprised Kyle by flying down for the weekend and dunking with him. Poor Shane -- he still has to dunk one more time -- when Cody graduates in 4 years! Hopefully, he'll be able to finish in under 2 minutes still :)

As to me, I just had a girls weekend in Philadelphia. Way too much vodka was consumed. Oops. Yesterday was spent on the couch. However, aside from learining that I can no longer drink like a college kid this weekend, I did learn that regaining such abilities is quite simple -- just enroll in Business school. Apparently, classes and learning are secondary to drinking and partying...hmmm...

Alright, our webcast just got canceled, so its back to work (not mindless listening) for me.


Steph & Shane

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