Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekend of the Easter Bunny

Thankfully, its Friday. Despite only working 3 days due to a lovely sickness, this week has seemed like the longest week ever! The cough, congestion and sinus pain is FINALLY going away, albeit still not 100%...I am just hoping that Shane does not come down with this lovely sickness...and just in time for the weekend nonetheless.

Tonight we are going to Red Lobster to celebrate our 8-month anniversary. Wow. Time flies. I cannot believe that we've been married 8 months already. No complaints from this girl. Every day seems to get better than the last, which is hard to do! I can only hope that other couples are as happy and lucky as us! But yes, Red Lobster. In keeping with our tradition, we go out to eat as a couple once a month. Normally, we pick "new" or unique to the area locations for our monthly feast, however, not this month. It is Lobsterfest...and the TV ads, plus the mere thought of the cheesy-garlic biscuits, won us over. Needless to say, I am excited for tonight, but keep reminding myself to lower expectations about the food because it is just Red Lobster.

After dinner, our friends Alli and Matt are coming over for game night. Another highlight of the weekend as we will introduce them to our favorite game -- Settlers of Catan (Thank you, thank you, thank you to Liz and Taylor for introducing us to this game!) On first glance, this game is quite strange and you immediately begin to doubt how it could be fun, however, within the first 20 minutes or so, you are hooked. And can't wait to play the next game. Its a combination of Monopoly and Risk -- however, it doesn't take take nearly as long (1 hr on average) and the best part of the game is that you get to barter and scheme. Shane comes up with the best "tactics" ever. Needless to say, I can only hope Matt and Alli like it as much as we do!

Tomorrow is errands day in preparation for our "Nomad Easter Dinner". Several of our friends in DC, like us, are not from the area, and choose not to go home for Easter. Rather than have everyone do nothing at all, Shane and I are hosting an Easter meal on Sunday. Everyone brings a dish to pass and enjoys a (hopefully) yummy meal. I am excited and are 8+ people going to fit in our little one bedroom apartment? Looks like this meal is going to be eaten on the couch and in other random spots!

Anyways, just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Miss you all tremendously!


Stephanie and Shane

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