Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another airport oops!

After reading our blog last night, my mom emailed me a funny airport story about my grandfather. Here is the airport mess he managed to get himself into. I haven't laughed this hard since Shane had his airport "oops"

almost as frustrating as Grandpa some how managing to get on the flight to midway instead of milwaukee and so i spent hours at milwuakee, he didn't off the flight. I went back and forth thru security and back to the gate thinking maybe i missed him so many times I think security started following me. finally got a call from him, from someone elses cell phone and he was in midway, no way for me to get the very quickly so i called craig to go get him and then he drove around o'hare for about 1/2 hour before calling me and it took us several minutes of talking before we realized he was at the wrong airport

For anyone who didn't know him, he truly was a piece of work. Just imagine Kramer from Seinfield and age him about 20 to 30 years. That was my grandfather almost to a T. I am sure that he was hitting on the flight attendents during the flight trying to get their number. Him and I always had a special bond, whether over logic puzzles, cards (tel-a-funky to be exact), or who was smarter. I still have one of the last letters that he wrote me...typed on out his typewriter!

Its hard to believe that he passed away three years ago already, almost to the date. I wish he was still here. More than anything, I wish he could have gotten to meet Shane. They would have gotten along fabulously!

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