Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An Uneventful Wednesday Night

Shane and I are just sitting on the couch, enjoying a bottle of two-buck chuck, and relaxing...for the first time in weeks!! Finals are officially least for this semester. Two more grad school classes, and three general accounting classes and then its CPA time. Yay!! (Pick up on the sarcasm?)

Speaking of two-buck chuck, it is $3.29 a bottle out here. It was $2.99 in Chicago and prior to that you could get it for $1.99 (hence the name). At least in Chicago, it was still in the two dollar range. Seeing that the price has eclipsed the three dollar mark, does that mean that two-buck chuck needs a new nickname?

Anyhow, now that finals are done, I can FINALLY get in the Christmas spirit. I cannot believe that its only 14 days away. Crazy! Christmas might be one of my favorite times of the year...not necessarily the actual day, but the whole season. Hence why I am super excited to finally get to enjoy it. Although it with our travel plans, we have decided against getting a Christmas tree. Since we'll be gone for over 15 days, we figured (a) it wasn't worth the price and (b) it wasn't worth the hassle of coming home to a pile of dead pine needles and a bunch of branches. Thus, I must do other things to get in the Christmas spirit. Maybe some ice skating downtown this weekend, maybe a trip to see the White House Christmas tree, who knows. Any ideas?

Well, Shane is telling me to get off the computer. So adios, for now!

Miss everyone!


Stephanie & Shane

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