Sunday, March 1, 2009

Heat Wave

In an attempt to (a) get in a weekend workout and (b) escape the supposed 4 - 8 inches of snow expected for Virginia, Shane and I went to Bikram Yoga this morning. For those of you who do not know, Bikram yoga is a series of 26 moves done concurrently in a 105 degree room. Yes, 105 degrees...I think that is hotter than Chicago got in all of 2008!

Needless, to say Shane felt right at home when we first got in the room. It seriously took him a solid 10 minutes to sweat. Not this Chicago girl. I walk in the room, and the sweat starts pouring out. This endured for the next 90 minutes. Shane was sweating within 15 minutes of class starting. By the end of class, nothing is dry. Not even a single hair on your head. For example, and honestly one of the grossest things every, the man next to me sweat so much that his entire towel (that you stand and lay on) was soaking wet, his shorts were soaking wet, and every time he moved you would hear the "squishing". It was gross. Albeit, afterwards, partially because you sweat out every toxin in your body, and partially because the sequence of events is just plain hard, you are exhausted, but relaxed. It is such a great feeling...and thus, lead to such a great Sunday!

We are going to try and do Bikram at least twice a month. The place we went to actually has a 60 day challenge...not sure what it entails, but I am intrigued. I might have to ask about it next time I go. Not sure I could handle 90 minutes of sheer sweat downpour for 60 straight days (nor do I think that I could afford it @ $16/class. Although you can buy packages and save some $$), but we'll see. If I do ask and or take on the challenge, I'll let you all know!

Anyways, back to the rest of our great Sunday, which was really pretty uneventful! After we showered and cooled down, we headed to Pei Wei for lunch, ran some errands, and then watched the Illini (boo on the loss) while doing homework for grad school. For the first time in weeks, we weren't stressed on a Sunday! Yay!

Alright, back to work. Hope all is well with everyone! This week is pretty uneventful, but not next weekend. Shane and I will be going our separate ways :( He'll be in Philly for a boys weekend and I'll be in Orlando for a girls weekend and running another half marathon (best part of which is that I get to RUN THROUGH Cinderella's castle!). We'll post after the weekend...or maybe before! In the meantime, miss everyone a ton!


Steph & Shane

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