Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ooops...its been almost 20 days!

Since I last posted I blog! I promised myself that I would be better about posting, but look where that has gotten me. Since the last post, we've been busy, well as normal! Just working, school, hitting the gym (but no running for me) and going to bikram yoga. We've even turned others on to this activity! Seriously, if you are looking for a challenge, try it. I really want to do the 60 day challenge (going every day for 60 days)...we'll first I thought cost would be a the deciding factor, but given that its $16 a class to drop in, or $120 a might make more sense to do the monthly. And then my one argument for not doing the 60 day challenge is out the window...

But back to running...I can't run for 3 -6 weeks. Boo. I either have a torn meniscus or IT Band issues. I am hoping that its just my IT Band and that bikram will help stretch me out as I really want to do the Virginia Beach half marathon in September (we've already registered if anyone is interested!) Speaking of half marathons though, Florida and the Disney Princess run were fabulous! Disney truly puts on a wonderfully organized race. However, my only complaint were miles 7 - 10...arguably the toughest mental miles and it was a straight stretch of highway with virtually no fans or entertainment. Not cool at all. Hopefully they can address this.

On the flip side, it was AWESOME to get to run THROUGH Cinderella's castle!! (which we later learned is closed off to the general public during normal hours of operations) More importantly, the fact that it was a Disney Princess run made it truly a remarkable weekend. It was very inspiring to see that many women, gathered in one place, all with the same goal and determination to achieve that goal. The women that I ran with were nonetheless inspiring -- Toni ran with a torn ACL, her mom ran with numerous injuries, and my mom ran her first ever half marathon! I am so proud of each of them! Thanks for a wonderful weekend! Currently all of the pictures are on snapfish (Shane took our camera to Philly for boys weekend, which makes NO sense to me!), but as soon as I get the actual files, I'll post some for all to see!
Well, I really should get back to work...not that much work will get done today or tomorrow as its March Madness! I cannot wait! Such a great time of the year...and it leads to another great time of season! Nothing much planned this weekend for Shane and I other than watching games and hanging out at a local watering hole with some friends...oh and probably some bikram!
Talk soon, love and miss everyone!
Stephanie & Shane

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