Wednesday, September 3, 2008

August Adventures!

This past weekend Shane and I said good bye (lots of tears on my end) to our friends and family in Chicago, packed up our tiny Honda Civic and hit the road for DC. Although this will be our home, and the newest adventure, for the next two years, August was full of adventures and wonderful memories including...

...Cubs v. Astros game with our new families (Go Cubs!)
...Our wedding ceremony on August 9, 2008 Location: St. James Lutheran Church, Chicago, IL
...Our wedding reception on August 9, 2008 Location: Harry Caray's, Chicago, IL
...Our honeymoon at La Concha in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Le Sporte Body Holiday in St. Lucia

We can honestly say that August was one of the best months of our lives. Not only were the events fun and memorable, but we were surrounded by our friends, family and loved ones. In the next few days, I will post summaries and pictures of each of these events...and then its on to the future and the rest of our adventures! Stay tuned!

Love, Stephanie & Shane

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