Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cubs v. Astros

So many of you are probably wondering what I do all day at work that I can post three consecutive blogs...and the answers is...conference calls! I normally have one or two a week, however, today I have been on three and all of them have lasted more than an hour. Boring. But anyhow, back to the topic at hand...the adventures of Shane and I!

On the Wednesday before our wedding, we were truly blessed! Not only were our beloved teams playing each other at my favorite place on earth (Wrigley Field), but our friends and family from Houston were able to fly up a few days early for the wedding and spend the afternoon in the bleachers with us!

It was truly a great day...especially since the Cubs won!

Go Cubs Go! :)

My dad & I... Liz & I...

Shane & last day wearing my "Cashman" jersey... The Carlisles and soon-to-be Stewarts

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Liz Carlisle said...

I love it! Nice work Steph :)