Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Frustration continues...

...as still NO furniture. It is truely one of the most frustrating things EVER. We have been in touch with the moving company, who assure us that we will get it in the "next few days". Funny thing is, though, that they told me "in the next few days" yesterday and the previous Wednesday. Hmm...I wonder what calendar they are using. In all seriousness, they claim that the Great Chicago Flood of 2008 is to blame (heck, it was big enough that Illinois pushed back tax return filing deadlines). Apparently, their warehouse began to flood...which made them move everything to a temporary warehouse...and then back to the original after water subsided, and halted all delivery until everything was back in the original place.

Fingers crossed that it comes this week. I can't wait to shake this feeling of feeling like I am in a hostage situation with my hands tied behind my back. I am so frustrated that I've even researched legal arguments in a potential desire to sue them. Unfortunately, my prospects look rather dim on that...dang federal laws!

On a happy note, the bar we registered for has been purchased and is the process of being shipped. The prospects of a house with an air mattress and a bar is so ironic, that it makes me smile :)

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