Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Only Frustration...

...still no furniture!! Shane and I have officially been residents of NOVA (Northern Virginia) for 10 days now and other than one small issue, everything has been great so far! We are both adjusting to our new offices. Shane's office and job is pretty much the same as Chicago (aside from the people) whereas my job is completely different. I no longer interact with the Firm's clients. Rather, the client serving people of the firm are my clients. It is my job to help make sure that they are up-to-date, informed and knowledgeable on all State and Local Tax Developments. A lot of reading and writing for me...seeing that I like numbers, we'll see how quickly these two years go!

Outside of the office, things are pretty good as well. Our first weekend here was spent meeting new friends and hanging out with old friends. Saturday afternoon, despite the attempts of Tropical Storm Hannah, we ventured out to watch the Texas A&M game with other alumni. (Speaking of, people in DC are worry-warts. The storm merely brought heavy rains, but seriously, EVERYBODY at work was freaking out on Friday afternoon. You would have thought it was a Cat 5 hurricane. Oh well!) We were fortunate to meet some really cool people. Hopefully, we'll hang out with them again soon! Then on Sunday we ventured to Alexandria to Brent and Ali's place for a BBQ with some of their friends. For those of you who don't know, Brent and Ali are the couple that we met in St. Lucia. Somehow on an island of 90% foreigners (or non-Americans I should say) we were fortunate to meet two people who lived in the DC area! Again, a ton of fun! I can't wait until this weekend when we venture to the Illini alumni bar and watch the Fighting Illini take on the Ragin' Cajuns and meet some other, hopefully, cool people!

But on to our one complaint, and its really not a complaint, but more of a frustration...we still do not have our furniture! All we have currently is what we were able to pack in the Honda...our air mattress, one suitcase of clothes each and some other random items...and some other items that we've purchased since we've arrived, namely plates, a pan and a spatula! Granted, the moving company has until Sunday, September 14, 2008 to deliver our stuff, but regardless, I want it now. I want a bed, my couch, the rest of my clothes...everything necessary to make our place actually feel like home and not a deserted room! I'd also like to be able to cook and not just eat Lean Cusines. Oh well. Fingers crossed our stuff comes soon!

Once we have the place set up, I'll be sure to post pictures! Until then...hope all is well! Time to finish up work, pick up a surprise for tonight (its our 1-month anniversary already!) and then head home!

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